GTOG Raw Emotion Podcast: Sometimes aging prostitutes just need to have a good cry amidst the luggage

It’s Week 2 of ABC’s “The Bachelor,” and that can only mean one thing: the Women are having feelings they haven’t experienced in a very, very, very long time.  Meanwhile, our man Ben is so real, so genuine, that it can only be coincidence that he is immediately drawn to the single hottest, least likable contestant.  And the crying prostitute.  Why did Curtis Painter get a rose? Why is Samantha stewing over Blakely in a toilet stall?  And why did Jenna think it was a good idea to tell Ben she feels “like a guy?”  The truth is right here.  It’s raw. It’s emotional.  It’s the GTOG podcast.

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“Anyone have a suitcase?”


3 thoughts on “GTOG Raw Emotion Podcast: Sometimes aging prostitutes just need to have a good cry amidst the luggage

  1. I think the clock issue answers a huge question. We wonder if he's even spoken to some of these ladies (women), but if the rose ceremony is in the wee hours of the morning, these pre-rose parties must last FOREVER. I thought the same when they showed that kickball game at the very end of the first episode. We see snippets of Ben talking to like four girls for 30 seconds each, but there must be so much more going on. Probably most of it is boring/awkward one-on-one conversations with each girl.This is my second comment today. Craziness. "Turbulent times," as you said at the end.

  2. Because of GTOG I debated watching the college championship game last night or The Bachelor. I watched the game, but that fact that I even considered The Bachelor speaks highly of GTOG.

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