Bachelor Hometowns Recap: You Need Harry Cox on this Journey

Hometowns are everything. The GTOG Raw Emotion Podcast is the only thing that really does this episode justice.  Finesse checks in from a parking garage in Colorado to break down each hometown date, each blessing, and each fairy tale.  It’s an emotional, and echo-y, journey.  It’s the GTOG Podcast.

Your best bet for listening is to click here to subscribe on iTunes and download the podcast.  Or you can listen below…


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Podcast Powered By Podbean

Hierarchy of Blessings


3 thoughts on “Bachelor Hometowns Recap: You Need Harry Cox on this Journey

  1. I just found your podcast a couple weeks ago and love the Bachelor recaps. I love how your analysis sounds like your covering a sporting event. I have already spread the word to everyone in my Fantasy Bachelor League. Keep them coming. From @zuelos (twitter)

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