What a country we live in

Our apologies for the lack of a written Bachelorette recap this week.  Jobs and other life responsibilities took over, which really should be no excuse because it isn’t true to our journey.  We’ll make it up to you.  Also apologies for the podcast not working properly for some.  We aren’t tech people, but what we can tell you is that it wasn’t our fault and we are trying to address it.  If you didn’t get the opportunity to listen this week, we will make sure to push out a working link as soon as it’s ready.  Thanks as always for listening.

In the meantime, let’s celebrate how diverse the news is, as illustrated by MSNBC.com.


One thought on “What a country we live in

  1. Come on yo! I need a recap on how pimp Kalon was the Bachelorette. It was classic how he talked to Emily. "Yea I said that, what?!" He should be the next bachelor. BTW Doug, Snitches get stiches. Remember that.@zuelos (twitter)

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