Emily Cheats on JEF With Matt Leinart; America Has a New Sweetheart

By Finesse

The rumblings started last month.  Today, the bomb exploded.

According to US Weekly, Emily Maynard of The Bachelorette has been cheating on JEF, the man she picked to play dress-up and sing karaoke with her daughter Little Ricki.  And not just with some random fellow from her church.  Nope.  She’s been cheating on JEF with Matt Leinart, the former USC quarterback and current backup QB for the Oakland Raiders.

Emily, all we can say to you is: HOW DARE YOU.  You endured the greatest of all heartbreaks when Brad, the saloon owner with bad temper and 7th-grade reading level, dumped you and told a local TV station in Texas that he “dodged a bullet” (implying, obviously, that you’re a psycho).  And now with your second chance at The Fairy Tale, you select a 5’6″ hipster Mormon with an affinity for kids’ toys, only to go behind his back and sleep with a quarterback?  You were America’s Sweetheart!  But let me tell you something, Emily.  You are no longer America’s Sweetheart.  Because American Sweethearts don’t sleep with backup quarterbacks.

They sleep with starters.

Be careful, Kristen.  Heavy lies the head that wears the crown.

[For our full coverage of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, make sure to check out our Bachelor Page and, of course, subscribe to the GTOG Podcast].

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