Podcast: Bachelor Episode 5 Recap

Juan Pablo is in midseason form as he trims the fat.  We talk about Renee’s dilemma kissing Juan Pablo, Andi’s potential, and Kat’s offerings.  Plus we have exclusive audio of Juan Pablo’s dodder Camilla watching Juan Pablo take a late night dip with Clare.  It’s the TBK Podcast.

(In case you missed it, be sure to check out our season preview post here).

Click here to listen on your computer. You can click here to subscribe on iTunes.  If you’re listening on your phone and don’t use iTunes, you can download the Spreaker app and find us by searching “Kibitz.”  The Spreaker app is available on Android here or the  iTunes App store here.

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clare juan pablo bachelor

2 thoughts on “Podcast: Bachelor Episode 5 Recap

  1. I just binge watched this season so far (and only caught this episode’s podcast), but what do you make of the absence of the shows real star, Chris Harrison? Do you miss his insight? Do you think it’s detrimental to Juan Pablo’s journey? So many emotions to sort through without him.

    • Important question, thanks for asking. It’s very difficult to go through anything alone. To go through something alone while knowing Chris Harrison lurks nearby with his emotion-untangling non-questions is nearly impossible. We don’t envy Juan Pablo.

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