What is The Big Kibitz?

This site is run by two guys with real jobs who occasionally like to post about relatively unimportant things, such as The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.  Almost nothing we do will be serious, but we will put 100% of our emotion into it.  Follow @thebigkibitz on Twitter by clicking here.

Does it have anything to do with Get To Our Game?  Wait. What is Get To Our Game?

Yes.  The Big Kibitz (TBK) has a very close relationship with Get To Our Game (GTOG).  It is the same thing, but different.

GetToOurGame.com was created in June 2010 and was initially intended to be for sports posts, particularly those about the Pittsburgh Penguins.  The two creators of that site — Finesse and Artistry — are the same two people who created TBK.  Over time, however, GTOG evolved to be about more than just the Penguins.  For readers who wanted hardcore Penguins analysis, the constant Bachelor posts and podcasts were getting distracting.  And for people who enjoyed the Bachelor and other entertainment posts, the constant references to the softness of Chris Kunitz’s hands were a source of great confusion.

So is that why you started The Big Kibitz?

Yes.  The Big Kibitz is a spin-off of GTOG where we will post about entertainment, The Bachelor, other television, movies, and any other non-sports topic.  GTOG will remain our home for all Penguins and other sports-related discussion.  When there is crossover, we will post in both.

Our hope is that by splitting the sites and keeping them more focused on their intended audiences, we will deliver a better, more cohesive product that grows the audience for both.

Who is Finesse?  Who is Artistry?  What’s up with those names?

Finesse and Artistry are not our real names.  Because GTOG was originally for Pittsburgh Penguins discussion, we created those pseudonyms as an homage to hockey hall-of-famer and current Pens’ owner Mario Lemieux. Finesse, 28, lives in Washington, D.C., is not married, and has no children.  Artistry is several years older than Finesse, lives in Pittsburgh, is married to Mrs. Artistry, and has two kids — Little Artistry and Artistrette.   Both Finesse and Artistry were born and raised in Pittsburgh but did not meet until 2008.

You should definitely follow us on Twitter (just note that, unlike the TBK and GTOG websites, our entertainment and sports tweets will stay mixed).

For general TBK info, follow @thebigkibitz by clicking here.

Follow Finesse by clicking here.

Follow Artistry by clicking here.

What do you write about?

Our biggest following is for our Bachelor and Bachelorette posts and podcasts and those will continue to be the focus of TBK, at least as we continue to design the site and figure out else we might want to write about.  But we will pretty much write about whatever.  Browse the archives to see what we’ve written about previously.

How often will you be posting and podcasting?

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette air on Monday nights on ABC, and our usual plan is this:  Record and post a “Raw Emotion Podcast” immediately after the episode to capture all of our feelings from that night’s episode.  Then we will try to post a full recap of the episode by late in the day Tuesday.  Because we have other commitments at times, there will be nights and weeks where we aren’t able to podcast and/or post.  We try to keep those times as rare as possible because whatever else we are doing is probably not as fun as doing the podcast or writing a recap.  The best way for you to know when/whether we will be posting is to follow us on Twitter.

As for non-Bachelor related posts, the best answer is that we don’t know.  Our schedules are pretty unpredictable and so is our level of inspiration.

The podcast is the best ever, but it’s called the GTOG Podcast.  I’m confused?

All of our podcasts, including those that would normally fit under the TBK umbrella rather than the GTOG umbrella, are currently hosted as Get To Our Game Podcasts.  Therefore, to make sure you get all the TBK podcasts, you should subscribe to the GTOG Podcast on iTunes.  You can do that by clicking here.  Of course, we will continue to include links to our podcasts in the body of our posts as we publish them.  You can access our full archive of podcasts at the GTOG website by clicking here.

At some point we may try to officially separate the GTOG and TBK podcasts.  If/when that happens, we will make a not-inconspicuous announcement about it.

What is The Bachelor Viewing Guide? 

The GTOG Official Bachelor(ette) Viewing Guide is our attempt to combine some of our observations and analysis of the show that we’ve made over the years and wrap it in a glossy cover.  When we say things like “that was a textbook move by Sean,” the “textbook” we are referring to is the Viewing Guide.  The Viewing Guide is available to be downloaded on an iPad (it’s arguably worth buying an iPad just so you can download the free book).  To download the book, click this link on your iPad.

Ok, The Bachelor Viewing Guide sounds awesome, but I don’t have an iPad.  What should I do?

Unfortunately, if you don’t have an iPad you won’t get the full functionality of the book (videos, slideshows, etc), BUT you can still capture about 99% of the wisdom by reading the book as a PDF in your browser.  You can read it by clicking here: GTOG Official Bachelor Viewing Guide PDF.

I’m reading through your older posts and they look weird.  Some of them even have missing videos.  What’s up with that?

We imported all of our old GTOG posts from Blogger, which is a different platform for free website hosting.  The two formats — Blogger for GTOG and WordPress for TBK — are very compatible, but the transition is not perfect.  Over time we will be going back through some of our old posts to clean up the formatting.  If something stands out to you as needing fixed, please let us know.

2 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Artistry & Finesse:What’s up? I’m a devastated Pens fan who’s now completely unable to connect with the emotion of Andi’s bachelorette journey. No TBK podcast? C’mon boyce! Real jobs got you down? You guys feuding? I know a tree didn’t fall on either of you….We’ve got a man of color past the second or third round, a devastating death in the family story, a death of a contestant, and nothing from you? This is worse than being a Cap’s fan might be.

    Dave in Suffolk

  2. We thought long and hard about podcasting this season, and when that minute was up, we decided we needed a season off to recharge the batteries. Appreciate the listenership, as always.

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