The Big Kibitz is a new pop culture and entertainment site brought to you by Finesse and Artistry, the creators of GetToOurGame.com.


The whole site, including this page, is under development so be sure to check back often.  In the meantime, here’s a quick description of what this is.

Back at GetToOurGame.com (GTOG, affectionately) we used to write and podcast passionately about two completely different things: The Pittsburgh Penguins and The Bachelor (as well as other varied sports and entertainment commentary).  Although there were many crossover fans, we were essentially housing two different blogs in the same place.  Enter, The Big Kibitz.

We decided that to better serve our audience (by not confusing them), as well as grow our audience, we’d be better off splitting the two sites.  GTOG will continue to be devoted to sports and will house all of our old Bachelor and other entertainment material (whether it be about the Justin Bieber movie or Rebecca Black’s Friday).  The Big Kibitz (TBK, affectionately), will be our creative space to write about pretty much whatever we want.  We will definitely have weekly Bachelor and Bachelorette recaps and podcasts, but will also be chiming in on any other topics that pique our interest that day.  When something we write doesn’t fit neatly into one box, we’ll post it on both.  Because why not.

As always, your readership and feedback is appreciated.

– GTOG and TBK

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