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GTOG Gets Bieber Fever

By Artistry OK, this is happening. Finesse and I are going to see “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never 3D” on Sunday. Then we’re going to write up a review. There’s just too much momentum right now to turn back. Look at Diddy’s intensity as he pitches this movie. This began as a lark, something to take … Continue reading

"Goon" Interview, Part II: Sign Marc-Andre

By Artistry The movie “Goon,” starring Seann William Scott and Liev Schrieber and currently shooting in Winnipeg, may be what we’ve been waiting to see in theaters for decades:  a worthy successor to 1977’s “Slapshot.”  In Part I of our interview with producer Jesse Shapira of No Trace Camping, he told us about the inspiration for … Continue reading

"Goon" Interview, Part I: "We’re Making a Hockey Movie"

By Artistry Hockey movies worth getting excited about don’t come along all that often. Slapshot.  Miracle.  Youngblood.  D2:  The Mighty Ducks, starring Emelio Estevez.  See how quickly we reached the bottom of the barrel?  That’s why we’ve been so intent on following the casting and the production of the promising feature film “Goon,” a comedy … Continue reading

GTOG Exclusive: Big Georges Laraque in "Goon"

By Artistry We’re hearing great things from the set of the movie “Goon,” the Seann William Scott, Jay Baruchel, and Liev Schreiber comedy we first told you about a few months ago.  Director Michael Dowse is shooting all through the night in Winnipeg, with extras filling the stands and cheering some of the most realistic hockey scenes in … Continue reading

Step Up Worldwide (Rick Malambri, Rick Malambri, Rick Malambri)

By Artistry GTOG is huge in Indonesia.  I’m not kidding.  We’ve gotten more visitors from that country than we have from Indiana, PA, and they love us in Indiana, PA.  And the Indonesians aren’t visiting because they want Penguins’ postgame analysis.  No, this phenomenon originated back in August with Finesse’s brilliant preview of the Rick Malambri … Continue reading

Casting Call for "Goon"

By Artistry The list of great sports movies is long, but where are the great hockey movies? For the casual viewer, the list pretty much begins and ends with the 1977 Paul Newman classic “Slapshot.” Let’s throw in “Miracle,” starring Kurt Russell, the incredible story of the 1980 Olympic men’s hockey team. Even though I’m … Continue reading

GTOG Movie Preview-Review: Step Up 3D

By Finesse When I think of dancing, two things come to mind.  First and foremost is the “Dance of Champions” performed by the 1991 Penguins in Game 4 of the Finals against Minnesota after Troy Loney got whistled for a 5-minute high sticking penalty with 7 minutes left in the 3rd period and the Pens … Continue reading